Shopping for Auto Insurance

Have you considered how much money you spend on auto insurance over the years? At a minimum over the course of 40 years of driving you will spend over $50,000 on auto insurance at today's rates. With yearly increases and inflation that number will easily reach between $75-$100,000. Have you considered what comparison shopping for auto insurance could truly mean for your finances?


The Long Game

The first thing you need to consider when shopping for auto insurance is the long game issues that will affect the price of your auto insurance premiums. The decisions you make and the mistakes in your early life will haunt you for the rest of your life in regards to auto insurance.

Consider the complexity of the algorithm employed by insurance companies to decide on their insurance premiums and it is clear to see why you need to have a long term game plan in order to get the best rates. Insurers look at literally hundreds of variables from the safety of the vehicle you drive, to your credit score, school grades and Autoeer to the external factors you have no control over like state regulations, extreme weather events and crime rates.

These all come into play for your insurance costs. If you are looking to get the best rates, it is all about managing as many of these factors as you can and then doing smart auto insurance shopping.

The Quest


In your quest to get the best rates, there is one undeniable truth in the industry; increases. Every time your current insurer renews your policy, make sure to understand the differences in the policies. Are you getting less insurance coverage at a higher price? The second undeniable truth is that as a customer you should probably be switching insurance companies every three years to effect a true price drop in premiums.

In a quest for shopping for car insurance make sure you have all your documents ready and all your factors sized up to go shopping. When you do go shopping for auto insurance, make sure you have a multi-pronged approach. The best and easiest route is online comparison shopping websites. Just be sure to put in as many of the same variables as possible. Lastly however, compare these online quotes to popular local companies and brokers to ensure the best prices.

Insurance shopping can net you an average 5% premium savings every 5 years. This 5% over the course of 40 years can give you large savings.

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