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can i epoxy plastic cups

You can use epoxy on plastic cups. Epoxy is a type of glue that you can use to repair broken or chipped plastic cups. It’s suitable for all kinds of plastics, including polystyrene and polypropylene plastics.

How to clean epoxy resin tools and cups?

(spatulas,mixing cups,bowls,etc.)Lay wax paper down as a base where to clean your toolsWhile the resin is still wet scrape as much material as you can from the surface using a paper towel ( from all the tools that you have used)Spray the nonstick cooking spray into the measuring cups and then add dish soap as wellWith your brush stir making sure that you scrape all sidesMore items…

How to use epoxy safely?

Method 2 of 4: Sealing a Surface with Epoxy Resin Download ArticleUse epoxy resin to add a high gloss seal to a surface. Epoxy resin has many applications. …Seal a concrete floor with epoxy resin. Add a glossy,non-stick surface to your concrete floor by applying a thin,even layer of epoxy resin with a foam roller.Protect wooden doors or tables with an epoxy seal. …More items…

How to clean your resin mixing Cups?

(spatulas,mixing cups,bowls,etc.)wax paper non- stick cooking spraydish soappaper towels

How to make custom epoxy coasters?

To make coasters,you need the following:BlowtorchBox to cover them with while they dryEpoxyGlovesItems to embedMold release sprayPlastic cupsPlastic sheetingSilicon mold,or another mold (plastic is better,but you can build a mold out of wood)Stir sticks