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can you recycle plastic bags

What are the types of plastic bags?

Relatively thick plastic bags made from polyethylene are recyclable, though not all of these items will be accepted at every drop-off location. Check what your recycler accepts before dropping off your bags. Types of plastic bags generally welcome in the bin include: 1 Plastic retail bags 2 Plastic food carryout bags 3 Newspaper bags 4 Bread bags 5 Dry cleaning bags 6 Bubble wrap 7 Air pillows 8 Plastic mailers 9 Plastic cereal box liners

Why do seabirds eat plastic?

Many seabirds unintentionally eat plastic pieces because the pieces mimic their natural prey. As a result, they can suffer from malnutrition, intestinal blockages, or gradual poisoning from chemicals in the plastic.

What are plastic grocery bags made of?

Plastic grocery and retail bags are made from polyethylene, synthetic polymers made from hundreds of monomers linked together by strong chemical bonds. They are made from nonrenewable petrochemicals derived from fossil oil, natural gas, and coal. As a result, their manufacture releases greenhouse gases. When tossed in the trash, plastic bags …

How does plastic affect wildlife?

As a result, their manufacture releases greenhouse gases. When tossed in the trash, plastic bags accumulate in landfills and natural ecosystems where they can contaminate natural systems and harm wildlife. As plastic slowly degrades, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, or microplastics, that are easily consumed by wildlife.

Can you recycle plastic grocery bags?

Widespread recycling programs are making it easier to recycle your plastic bags, but the recycling process does have its challenges. Because plastic grocery and retail bags are generally thin and lightweight, they can clog regular recycling equipment (hence the specialty plastic bag recyclers).

Why are grocery bags contaminated?

They are also commonly contaminated, which affects the recycling process and results in lower quality post-consumer plastic.

What are the recycling codes for plastic bags?

Those are the numbers you see inside the small recycling symbol stamped on materials. Plastic bags generally fall under the #2 and #4 RICs.

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