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How To Remove Sharpie?

Here, I have listed down six different ways to remove the sharpie stain from any surface.

Remove Sharpie By Using Rubbing Alcohol

Marker stains on clothes look very untidy if are untreated. Here, I will teach you how to remove sharpie from clothes by using rubbing alcohol. Make sure you read out each and every instruction very carefully before jumping up to the actual procedure.

Remove Sharpie By Using Vinegar

White vinegar is a multi-purpose ingredient that can be used for different purposes. Today, I will tell you how to remove permanent marker stains by using white vinegar.

Remove Sharpie By Using Hairspray

Hairspray is another common tool used to remove the ink and permanent marker from hard as well as soft surfaces like leather. If you are interested to know how to remove sharpie from leather by using hair spray, then keep on reading further.

Remove Sharpie By Using Toothpaste

Did you know, toothpaste can remove permanent marker stains from metals? Yes, you have read it correctly! Toothpaste does remove marker stains without leaving any residue. Keep on reading to know how to remove sharpie from metal by using toothpaste.

Remove Sharpie By Using Baking Soda

Kids love drawing pictures everywhere by using pencils. But sometimes, they might grab a permanent marker instead of a pencil! There is no need to panic, I will teach you how to remove sharpie from the wall by using baking soda.

Remove Sharpie By Using Nail Polish Remover

When it comes to clean permanent marker stains, nail polish remover performs the best! Acetone-based nail polish removers work excellently in removing permanent marker stains from wood. So, are you excited to know how to remove sharpie from wood? Then continue to read.

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