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what is plastic made of

Plastic is a man-made synthetic resin, also known as plastic. It consists of uses (polypropylene, polyethene or neoprene) which are melted and then stretched into long strings to form shapes such as sheets and rods. More distant artists made pottery and wood, our cavemen ancestors mimicked animal pelts, and ceramics became popular in the Stone Age. These early forms of plastic could last thousands of years. \u00a0The hard brittle materials developed over past centuries led to the combination of cellulose from plant fibres with a binder such as a vegetable oil creating more versatile plastics with new properties like strength yet also elasticity. The first synthetic polymer was Bakelite, invented in 1907 by Leo Baekeland for typewriters on his kitchen stove in New York City.
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The term plastic was derived from the Greek word ‘Plastikos’ meaning – that can be easily moulded or shaped. In the year 1846, Plastic was first discovered by the famous German chemist name Christian Schonbein. Now, let’s define Plastics, so they are a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that has polymers as the main constituent.

Types of Plastic

Based on physical properties, plastics can be classified into two types: Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastics. Let’s discuss each of them:


There are some plastics that get soft when they are heated and get hard again when they are cooled, like the water bottle which get melted in front of the heat. So this kind of plastic known as Thermoplastic. Thus, Thermoplastics, are plastics that can be moulded easily upon heating.

Thermosetting Plastics

So, these types of plastic totally different from Thermoplastic. Thus, plastics that do not get soft when they are heated are called Thermosetting plastic, or Thermosetting are plastics that cannot be moulded easily upon heating. So, thermosetting plastic cannot be remoulded later, we can say it is permanent plastic.

Useful Properties of Plastics

We all have heard necessity is the mother of invention that means if we need something very essential, then we are forced to find a way of getting it. Plastic is one kind. It has some advantages which replace old materials made up of jute, wood, metals etc. Let’s discuss each of them: